Monday, August 22, 2011

Local Manufacturing Company, Serving Local Small businesses

Hawes Aluminum Incorporated was founded in 1974 by Rick Hawes.  It all started as a full service gutter company but as time went on Rick began buying equipment to manufacture his own downspouts and elbows.  Seeing a need for local supply as the gutter industry began to manifest into smaller one and two man operations, Hawes Aluminum was the first to provide quality product to western Washington gutter companies at the local level for a decent price.

Still servicing the same 13 areas in Washington, the Hawes name has become commonplace for all gutter guys looking to hear a good joke while ordering the raw product necessary to complete their job.  Rick still does all of his deliveries and maintains great customer service to the companies from which he built his business.  Hawes Aluminum has a place in history when it comes to gutter products in Washington State, give us a call to set up an account, we would love to help you service your customers every step of the way.  360.273.7788.